Our Services

At Ripple Effect we offer the following services:-
  • Installation and maintenance of all fixed plant mining equipment.
  • Inspection and rectification services on gear reducer internals.
  • Inspection and rectification services on all open gearing.
  • Critical alignment of all rotating equipment utilising the latest laser alignment systems from Pruftechnik Germany.
  • The tensioning of all critical fasteners using bolt micrometers to measure the actual elongation of the fastener, rather than torque.
  • Replacement of large rolling element bearings up to 1800mm (I.D.) utilising innovative hydraulic drive up jig.
  • Rectification of white metal bearings.
  • Replacement of all roller bearings with adapter sleeves and parallel bores.
  • Replacement of white metal bearings, brass slipper bearings and the installation and servicing of hydrostatic bearings.
  • Replacement of all pinion gear assemblies i.e. couplings etc.
  • Replacement of girth gears up to 38ft in diameter and the subsequent adherence to OEM (AGMA) alignment specifications.
  • Replacement of gearboxes and motors, including the transfer of couplings.
  • General mechanical maintenance.
  • Development and delivery of training packages for the maintenance and operation of all fixed plant mining equipment.
For more information on our above mentioned capabilities please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote